Seville, the Andalusian capital, is a city that keeps countless motorcycle routes that you can enjoy a lot if you are a real biker, you know, the breeze of the wind hitting you, the speed with caution, the smell of gasophane, etc. Cantillana, Guadalcanal, El Pedroso, Cazalla de la Sierra, Constantina, Estepa, Palma del Río, Osuna. These are some of the corners of the Hispanic geography that you can travel by motorcycle and live to the fullest. From Motoridays, we tell you the places you should not miss on your visit.

Northern Sierra of Seville.

For all of us bikers, the Sierra Norte de Sevilla is a true luxury. The roads that cross it are the most fun in the entire region and the natural enclave is of a unique beauty.

Its curves, force you to change direction very fun and it is very helpful the state of the road that is in good condition on almost all routes, they invite you to discover the westernmost area of the Sierra Morena (Sierra Morena has many names , it depends on the Andalusian province that touches you, for example in Seville Sierra Morena is called Sierra Norte) rolling among the typical Mediterranean vegetation: cork oaks, holm oaks, willows and elms.

The reservoirs very present in the northern highlands will refresh your visit, the best known are the José Torán reservoir, the Retortillo reservoir, the Huesna reservoir and the Pintado reservoir.

It is mandatory to mention that we are in a Natural Park that is part of the biosphere reserve and where the forests of holm oaks, cork oaks, willows and ash trees abound. Nature in its purest form in the Dehesas of Sierra Morena, certainly a pleasure for the five senses.

The Pedroso.

You cannot miss the municipality of El Pedroso, a town of just over 2,000 inhabitants and with a lot of history behind it. One of the most important monuments of El Pedroso is the Church of Our Lady of Consolation, a Gothic-Mudejar construction and modified around the sixteenth century, as well as the Hermitage of the Virgen del Espino, Mudejar and century XV.

Saw pan.

In Cazalla de la Sierra there is a splendid visit to the Caves of Santiago, caves of prehistoric origin in which different species of bats inhabit. You can also visit its Cartuja at the end of the 15th century that stopped serving as a Carthusian establishment in the 18th century. We also mention other very interesting monuments that you can visit, such as the Convent of Madre de Dios, the Convent of San Francisco, the Monastery of Santa Clara, the Convent of San Agustín or the Hermitage of Nuestra Señora del Monte.


In Analís, in addition to walking through its streets and contemplating the vestiges of Mudejar art that reflect many of the facades of the houses of the municipality, you will also find many monuments worth visiting. Its Castle of Arab origin, the Fountain of Santa Maria, the Hermitage of Our Lady of Sorrows or the Church of Our Lady of the Snows are just some of them.


Municipality where we highlight the neighborhood of La Morería, Lora del Río, Villanueva del Río and Minas. The locals are very proud of the house of the lions, the house of the columns, the mill of solitude and the Castle of Setefila. In Villanueva del Río y Minas, you can visit the Minas de la Reunion Historical Complex and the ruins of the Palace of the Marquises of Villanueva.

Of course, there are many other motorcycle routes through the northern mountains of Seville that you can do. We invite you to visit our routes and tours in Andalusia; whether guided or self-guided, to your liking! We will be happy to advise you!